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Roll Tickets are available in 8 Bristol Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange, Green, Pink and Purple.

The tickets are sequentially numbered within each roll. 

Bristol Roll Tickets are made from a durable bristol cardstock. 

These tickets are available in the following sizes:

Roll Ticket Images
  • 2.5cm x 5cm (1"x2") Standard  
  • 5cm x 5cm (2"x2") Coupon - Billboard
  • 5cm x 10cm (2"x4") Marquee

We also offer the Full Colour Roll Tickets.  They are made with 8pt stock and numbered as requested.  

Full Colour Roll Tickets also allow for full bleed artwork, underside imprinting and custom sizes.

The most popular sizing for the Full Colour Tickets are:

  • 2.5cm x 5cm (1"x2")
  • 2.5cm x 6.35cm (1"x3")
  • 2.5cm x 2.5cm (2"x2")
  • 5cm x 6.35cm (2"x4")

These Full Colour Tickets are printed CMYK digital process.  Barcode, QR Codes and Custom Numbering are available.

Please contact us with your requirements.