Strip / Sheet Tickets

strip/sheet ticketssheet ticketsstrip tickets

Strip and Sheet Tickets are most commonly used at Festival Concessions or for Midway Rides.

The tickets are normally purchased at a Ticket Booth for cash, and then redeemed for items such as food, drinks or carnival rides.

Available Formats for Sheet/Strip Tickets 2.5cm x 5cm (1"x2")

5 strip ticket10 strip ticket20 tickets

          5 Tickets                           10 Tickets                           20 Tickets

5 tickets vertical10 tickets sheet25 tickets

            5 Tickets                            10 Tickets                       25 Tickets


Available Formats for Sheet/Strip Tickets 5cm x 5cm (2"x2")

2x2 5 tickets2x2 10 tickets2x2 20 tickets

          5 Tickets                           10 Tickets                        20 Tickets


These Strip and Sheet Tickets can be printed in Black or Full Colour.  Black Printed is typically done on coloured Bristol Stock.  Full Colour printing is printed on white ticket stock.

Sequential numbering is included by default.  Barcodes, QR Codes or specially programmed serial numbers are also an option.

We carry the following Bristol stock colours to choose from: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow and White.

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