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January 10, 2018 1 min read

Many pools are now choosing to use wristbands to provide a safe and enjoyable pool experience.  

Children are required to take a swim test to show their skills in the pool.  After they are assessed they are assigned a wristband.  

These wristbands help lifeguards keep the swimmers safe.

The most common colours used are red, green and yellow.  Tyvek Adhesive wristbands are waterproof and the most cost effective choice.

Red wristbands generally mean that they do not pass the required skills to swim unsupervised.  They must be within arms length of adult supervision.

Yellow wristbands generally mean that the swimmer is allowed to swim in the shallow water.

Green wristbands generally mean that the swimmer has the use of the entire area.

Swimmers are required to do a swimming test - with each level requiring them to do different skills.  

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