Another Reason to Custom Imprint Your Wristbands

July 22, 2017 1 min read

Another Reason to Custom Imprint Your Wristbands

Today I was at the baseball diamond watching my daughter play baseball, and I looked around and saw multiple children with wristbands all the way up their arms.

I went over to one of them and asked where she received her wristbands from.  She proceeded to tell me each place she had visited, and where they were located.

What great FREE advertising that is.

It seems to be the trend with kids these days, see how long the wristbands will last, and how many you can gather.

She was wearing the Tyvek wristbands - which normally we recommend for a single day use, but a few of the wristbands were almost a month old.  

Custom imprinting your company name, logo and business address would be a great way for free publicity.  Imprinting them with a return coupon - would be even better.

Tyvek wristbands - lasting almost a month; imagine how long a cloth wristband would last.

Cloth can be imprinted on both sides, giving you many different options to promote your company. 

Contact us to help you with your custom wristband needs.

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