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Cloth wristbands (also known as fabric wristbands) are available in two different styles:

Woven Cloth Wristbands - your logo and/or text is woven into the fabric wristband.  They are best for simple bold graphics or text as the design is woven into the wristband.  This allows for 8 colours to be woven into the fabric.

Sublimation Cloth Wristbands - your logo and/or text is imprinted in full color on the fabric.  You have the option to print on both sides of the cloth wristband and to PMS colour match.  

Click Here to view our Pantone Colour Chart.  

Cloth wristbands are comfortable and durable to wear.  They are non-stretch and are also waterproof.

Security locks are available in different styles: Barrel Lock, Flat Side Locks, Metal Locks and Snap Button Locks.  

Standard Sizing of the Cloth Wristbands:

Length 25cm (14") 

Width 1.5cm (1/2")

**additional sizes available at request.

Fabric wristbands are becoming a popular wristband to use at Festivals, Hotels and Resorts.  

Email us: with your custom request for more information and pricing.