New Product Alert - Laynards

May 19, 2020 1 min read

New Product Alert - Laynards

The Wristband Man is now carrying lanyards.

Why use a lanyard?  

Lanyards are a versatile tool that can be utilized at your company or event.  They provide a discreet and simple way to promote your company brand or special event.  Using a lanyard enables people to hold their keys and badges, keeping their hands free to do other things.

Especially during these unprecedented times - lanyards will minimize the chances of lost ID cards with your employees ensuring that proper identification is maintained.

Whether you choose to personalize your lanyard or choose a stock colour - the options are endless.  

We also offer many different fittings for your lanyards to ensure you have the proper clasp for your needs.

Please contact us for your custom quote.

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