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May 28, 2020 1 min read

During these unprecedented times, businesses are struggling on how to open with proper social distancing measures in place.

There are many different activities out there; Zip Line Parks, Outdoor Adventure Parks and Swimming Pools are just a few that I can name.

Using a wristband to identify groups of family members can help with that solution.  

If you band each family member with a certain colour of wristband your staff will be able to identify easily who can be grouped together.  This will ensure that you can monitor that proper social distancing rules are being followed.

The Wristband Man carries 24 solid colours in the Tyvek 3/4" wristband.  These paper like wristbands can be written on with a sharpie marker to include such information as names, times and dates.

These Tyvek 3/4" wristbands are available in packages of 500 or 100.